A Student Guide to UC Davis

Hi! I'm a senior at UC Davis and I wanted to make a guide for anyone who is currently attending or will attend in the future. I wish I had someone telling me the little secrets the tour guides don't mention.

A little more about me:
I'm majoring in biochemistry with a minor in technology management <-best minor ever. Planning on graduating in Spring of 2013. Came in with way too many units as a freshman so if you have a question about transferring from a CC or anything else, shoot me a message.<br>

If you ask me a question with your username I can answer it straight to your inbox, unless I think it's funny and/or useful to others.


Basically, a ton of clubs give away free food during the first week of class.  The challenge is to live only on free food for the whole week.  Generally BBQs, pizza parties and ice cream socials are the most popular.

If you choose to participate, I would suggest going to Christian fellowships, they have the best/most food.

It isn’t an organized event so you don’t get anything except the satisfaction that you just saved yourself a ton of swipes that you can spend on snacks or making new friends!

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